Jury:// 2021

It’s time for your PROJECT to meet our VALIDATOR NODES!

The Internetics jury brings together branding, marketing and online advertising specialists from Romania. The judging process has two rounds, with 3 different judging groups, for the 3 main categories: Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Digital Campaigns. A first round to set the shortlist and a second round to set the final nominees and winners of the competition based on the shortlist.

The Validator Nodes will choose which PROJECT to swap into GLORY. They will choose the nominees, the Silver and Golds in each category and the Grand Prix in Digital Campaigns and also the special distinctions of the competition.

If you want GLORY, start praying for a CONSENSUS 🚀🚀🚀
Jury Chair: Hugo Veiga

Jury Chair: Hugo Veiga

Global Chief Creative Officer
AKQA São Paulo
Born in Portugal, Hugo Veiga is one of the main faces of Brazil’s new generation of creative leadership. After being recognized as the Year's best copywriter at the 2013 Cannes Lions, he co-found the AKQA São Paulo studio. Since then, he led creative projects for innovative brands and...

Digital Platforms

Adina Nica Adina Nica
Partner, Garrison Group; Research & Strategy Consultant
Open-I Research
Alexandru Oancea Alexandru Oancea
Marketing Manager
VEKA Romania
Alin Nenciu Alin Nenciu
Marketing Manager
Burger King Romania
Alina Crangă  Alina Crangă
Group Brand Manager
Ana Vișian Ana Vișian
Marketing Manager
Arina Ureche Arina Ureche
General Manager
Cristina Hanganu Cristina Hanganu
Director of Communication & CSR, Lidl Romania, Vicepresident Global Women in PR Romania
Lidl Romania
Cristina Miclea Cristina Miclea
Marketing Director
Lactalis Romania – Dairy Division
Dan Petre Dan Petre
D&D Research
Elena-Mădălina Șerban Elena-Mădălina Șerban
Marketing Strategy & Business Development Partner
500 Oaks
Greta Redeleanu Greta Redeleanu
Marketing Director
Regina Maria
Ioana Enache Ioana Enache
Digital & Loyalty Manager
Ioana Gorgăneanu Ioana Gorgăneanu
Head of B2B2C Marketing and Comms for CEE
Mastercard Romania
Irina Urechean Irina Urechean
Marketing Director Home Care
Unilever SCE
Ivan Laketa Ivan Laketa
Brand Marketing Services Manager
Glovo SEEu
Laura Barbu Laura Barbu
Director, Brand & Marketing Communications
Laurențiu Ion Laurențiu Ion
Head of Media and Total Connections Planning
Matei Psatta Matei Psatta
TPS Engage
Monica Dudău Monica Dudău
Marketing Manager
Storia.ro & OLX Imobiliare
Oana Lupoaie Oana Lupoaie
Managing Director, Sense8 & President, IAB Romania
IAB Romania
Silviu Popescu Silviu Popescu
Brand Communication Manager
BRD Groupe Societe Generale
Tudor Ghiurca Tudor Ghiurca
Marketing & Communication Director
Secom Healthcare Group
Victor Kapra Victor Kapra
Online consultant

Digital Strategies

Alex Dona Alex Dona
Marketing Mindset/ Desprevin Media
Alexandra Chirica Alexandra Chirica
Business Strategy & Marketing Director
AkzoNobel/Fabryo Corporation
Alina Stanciu Alina Stanciu
Senior Expert Digital & Loyalty
OMV Petrom
Anca Roman Anca Roman
Corporate Affairs & Communication Manager
FrieslandCampina Romania
Anda Lazăr Anda Lazăr
Brand Manager
UniCredit Bank
Andrei Rotaru Andrei Rotaru
Group Brand Manager Premium Brands
Heineken Romania
Bogdan Țurcanu Bogdan Țurcanu
Head of Marketing
Camelia Petrescu Camelia Petrescu
Associate Director
Unlock Market Research
Claudiu Degan Claudiu Degan
Senior Digital Manager
Corina Rîjniță Corina Rîjniță
Regional Senior Brand Manager Coca-Cola TM
The Coca-Cola Company
Cosmina Tapliuc Cosmina Tapliuc
Digital Marketing Manager
McDonald’s Romania
Crina Chiru Crina Chiru
Consumer Communication Manager
Orange Romania
Dan Zloteanu Dan Zloteanu
Business Consultant & Marketing Researcher
MRI / The Network
Daniela Ghimpețeanu Daniela Ghimpețeanu
Marketing & PR Manager
PlayStation Balkans
Diana Stan Diana Stan
Head of Marketing Communication
ENGIE Romania
Ioana Mârzac Sigarteu Ioana Mârzac Sigarteu
Corporate Communication Manager
Samsung Electronics Romania
Iuliana Maratu Iuliana Maratu
Brand and Marketing Communication Director
E.ON Energie Romania
Laura Mihăilă Andrei Laura Mihăilă Andrei
Head of Marketing
Mihai Bonca Mihai Bonca
Senior Consultant
Brand Architects
Nicoleta Mihăilescu Nicoleta Mihăilescu
Senior Marketing Director South East Europe
Procter & Gamble
Oltea Cristina Belciuganu Oltea Cristina Belciuganu
Head of Brand
Patricia Zegreanu Patricia Zegreanu
Marketing & Communication Manager
Răzvan Acsente Răzvan Acsente
Growth & Strategy Director
tazz by eMAG
Vica Schipor Vica Schipor
Social Media Manager - România

Digital Campaigns

Adriana Muscalu Adriana Muscalu
Senior Research and Business Consultant
Exact Business Solutions
Andra Voicu Andra Voicu
Manager Portfolio & Content Strategy
Philip Morris International
Andrei Chirilă Andrei Chirilă
Marketing Director
Fashion Days
Andrei Lăscuț Andrei Lăscuț
Head of Brand Strategy
The Temple
Anne-Marie Ionescu Anne-Marie Ionescu
Marketing Manager
Magic FM & Rock FM
Carmen Popa-Nemoiu Carmen Popa-Nemoiu
Country Growth Manager
Revolut Romania
Ciprian Postelnicu Ciprian Postelnicu
Head of Media
Telekom Romania
Costin Radu Costin Radu
Independent Strategy Consultant
Cristian Manafu Cristian Manafu
Managing Partner
Cristina Avram Cristina Avram
Marketing Manager
Avon Romania
Diana Pasoi Diana Pasoi
Senior Brand Manager
Kinder Group
Eleodor Ghenoiu Eleodor Ghenoiu
Head of Advertising, Brand Engagement and Content Strategy
Enel Romania
Gina Zgubea Gina Zgubea
Senior Digital Marketing Manager
KFC, Pizza Hut & Taco Bell
Irina Pocovnicu Irina Pocovnicu
Marketing Director
Mădălina Cazamir Mădălina Cazamir
Group Marketing & Communication Director
Help Net & Farmexim
Mădălina Mitru Mădălina Mitru
CHC Brand Lead
Mădălina Pangrate Mădălina Pangrate
Agency Partner Manager
Google Romania
Mihai Tănase Mihai Tănase
Head of Digital & CRM
Renault & Dacia Romania
Oana Stincel Oana Stincel
Marketing Director
Raluca Alexandrescu Raluca Alexandrescu
Loyalty & Ecommerce Marketing Director
Mega Image
Ruxandra Mocanu Ruxandra Mocanu
Senior Ecosystem Builder
Ashoka Romania
Valentina Vesler Valentina Vesler
Communication & Advertising Director
Valvis Holding
Victor Bădescu Victor Bădescu
Client Business Partner – Retailers
Victor Teioșanu Victor Teioșanu
Head of Premium Brands
Ursus Breweries
Wenka Booij Wenka Booij
Head of Marketing & Brand
ING Romania