DEADLINE EXTENSION: Call for Entries - 9th of October

Published on 04 September 2019


The Call for Entries period starts today! You can submit a work into the 2019 Internetics competition until 3rd 9th of October 2019. The entries must be submitted online, after registering on the site.

Here is a recap of the Internetics competition's structure:

3 Main Categories: Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Interactive Campaigns, with a total of 35 sections to enter

Scoring System: a different set of points for each of the 3 main categories

Judging Format: Judging is made online and offline in October - November 2019 in 3 judging groups, one for each main category: Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Interactive Campaigns; each jury group will assign the trophies in every section of its category.

Awards: each section in the Digital Platforms, Digital Strategies and Interactive Campaigns will have a Silver and a Gold; a Grand Prix will be awarded for each of the two Interactive Campaigns sub-categories: one for "Digital Component of an Integrated Campaign" and one for "Full Digital Campaign". Also, the scoring system will count for the "Agency of the Year" title, but also for the "Digital Client of the Year" title. "Best Use of Technology" remains a special distinction decided by all judges.

Entry Fees: the fees depend on the category, there are 3 sets of fees for each main category.

  • 250 euro, plus VAT for the Digital Platforms category;
  • 300 euro, plus VAT for the Digital Stategies category;
  • 350 euro, plus VAT for the Interactive Campaigns category.

No Fee: no entry fee will be required for works submitted in the "Social campaigns, political and awareness messages" sections (in both sub-categories in Interactive Campaigns), for online campaigns developed for NGOs and civic initiatives.

To enter the Internetics competition, your work must have run between 22nd of October 2018 and 3rd of October 2019.

Before submitting your projects, make sure you've read the Rules, the Judging Criteria and the Entry Guide.

Good luck and see you at the Awarding Gala, on 18th of November 2019, at the Romanian Athenaeum!